About the Band

Our Mission

To provide high quality entertainment and support great cuases, all while having a great time!

The 40 Love Story

40 Love was formed in 2011 with the mission of having fun playing music while helping to raise money for charity.

Since then, we have played for over a dozen causes and provided entertainment at events that have raised over $1 million! Today, we play for the love of playing, and are always happy to provide high quality entertainment.

Booking 40 Love

Whether you are planning a charity event, or just throwing a party, you can turn to 40 Love for a great time! When you have 40 Love playing you are guaranteed to have a great time or your money back. For booking, use the contact form below.

Upcoming 40 Love Shows

Meet the Band

Alecia “The Sauce” Evans

Keys, Vocals

She may be classically trained, but her playing style is all rock n’ roll. Combined with her graceful tickling of the ivories, she can frequently be heard providing a sweet, sweet harmony to Cam’s lead vocals, proving that everything is better with some Sauce.

Brian “The Rabbi” Coules


A recent addition to the band, stepping up to replace his relocated father and mentor, Brian is known for his no frills style and his party-inducing bass face. His bass lines have been known to cause spontaneous bouts of booty-popping and jealous boyfriends.

Tim “Sweet T” Vernal

Drums, Vocals

A mainstay of the band, Tim was one of 40 Love’s founding members. He is known for his “swiss movement” time keeping abilities, and is often looked to for his ability to “bring the ruckus.” Tim can often be found chewing gum, tying his shoes, patting his belly, and adding backup vocals…all while dropping a sick beat.

Kellet “Special K” Atkinson

Guitar, Vocals

If George Harrison’s guitar “gently weeped”, then Special K’s guitar throws a temper tantrum. From danceable rhythm to searing lead melodies, Special K’s playing is know to inspire…

Cam “Vitamin C” Rosenow

Lead Singer Extraordinaire

Whether emulating Adam Levine or Stevie Wonder, Cam’s vocal versatility has been known to get even the stodgiest wallflower to sing along. In fact, Cam’s harmonic vocal melodies are only outdone by his ability to get a crowd rowdy. He can frequently be seen dancing among the crowd, passing out the tambourine, or simply gettin’ a groove on while paying homage to rock’s greatest legends.

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